Office Reopening / COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce our return to work on May 18th 2020. As directed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Dental Society, dental offices are requested to resume elective dental care including routine cleanings and exams.

During the pandemic our office served patients requiring emergency treatment. We now resume our attention to treating patients in a preventative matter. This is the focus and goal of our office.

We have turned on our electronic reminders to keep you informed of upcoming appointments. We understand that you have been waiting patiently for your dental care and we will do our best to accommodate all patients in a timely manner.

We will be seeing regular dental cleanings starting the week of May 18th. Please note, in an effort to limit exposure to patients and staff, we have implemented scheduling and procedural changes to minimize risk.

Infection control has always been a top priority at our office. As before, all rooms with be thoroughly disinfected in-between patients. Disposable shielding will be used in areas of high risk surface contamination and changed between patients. Just like pre COVID-19, all instruments are cleaned using a three-part system. Instruments are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove debris, transferred to a UV soak, and last heat sterilized. Our system is tested on a regular basis to ensure it meets maximal safety standards.

New standards have been implemented to make sure our office is a safe environment for patients and staff during this pandemic. Here are a few of the changes we have made.

  • HEPA air purifiers have been placed in treatment rooms and the waiting room to filter airborne particles
  • Personal protective equipment has been increased to include surgical gowns, surgical tape, and face shields
  • Staff are screened and temperatures taken every day
  • Patients are screened and temperatures taken before every appointment
  • High Vacuum suctions and a rubber dam will be used during dental procedures to minimize aerosol production
  • Complete office disinfection prior to, midday, and after patients have been seen

As we tailor our procedures with regards to COVID-19, we may require more time between patients. We thank you in advance for your patience as we provide a safe space for your treatment. As mandates and recommendations continue to evolve we will monitor and follow directives from the IDPH, ISDS, and ADA to promote safety in our office. We thank you for your trust and understanding during these times. Stay safe, be well and we look forward to seeing everyone!


Dr. Michael and Dr. Vince Colletti

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